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Being a BACP Accredited therapist  means I have undergone an extra rigorous level of assessment by the BACP to ensure that my practice is of a high standard and is robust and ethical. 

For all my clients, however they find counselling: terrifying, challenging or a blessed relief, I have a deep respect. The work my clients undertake, the courage they show in being willing to explore difficult and painful experiences or emotions is humbling.​

As well as feeling respect for my clients, I also share their relief and joy when they begin to feel they are coming through the darkness; when they feel they are beginning to find ​a new but very real peace from what had previously troubled them.

We all face difficulties - life is challenging - and we can all benefit from having someone who is wholly on our side to help us to deal with those difficulties. 

If you are ready for the journey, I am ready to help you.

Human relationships which are empathic, genuine and respectful can form a basis for growth in any setting - it is the relationship itself which can help us change. I aim to be real, open and engaged as an active participant in your journey, in your therapeutic work. 

The feedback I get from clients often speaks of the quality of the relationship we build. People have said they felt it was a defining feature of our work together.

It therefore goes without saying that offering you a warm and respectful space is a priority, and I can assure you that what we share will be confidential.


I am an accredited and experienced counsellor, having completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy from the BACP accredited course at the University of Salford.

I undertake regular CPD to ensure I am working for my clients in the best way I can. 


If you would like any more information about me or the way I work, do get in touch. Your enquiry will be treated confidentially and will be taken as just that: an enquiry, and will not be viewed as a commitment to any sessions.


Thanks for submitting!

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