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This Won't Fix You


I am so excited to be finally bringing this podcast to the world. 


Being a psychotherapist means I encounter loads of really interesting ways of looking at life. Granted, it’s often ways of looking at life’s struggles… but anyway, it occurred to me one day that if I could find a way to share some of them it might be interesting for other people. And though may be helpful, it is not intended to be a substitute for therapy. There is no shortcut to the valuable work that goes on in the consulting room. 


So if I’ve read or heard a funky idea, I’ll lift it from the book or the talk or the session, and I will offer it to you. It’s like I’ve run a highlighter through my books so you can be presented with what I’ve highlighted!! Rest assured, if the idea comes from someone else I will always credit that person, and there is definitely water-tight confidentiality for my clients.

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